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There are 3 types of Scrubbers, Open-Loop, Closed-Loop and Hybrid Loop. The type of scrubber used on the vessels will depend mainly on where you vessels thread and the alkalinity of the seawater in the area. In order to determine this, we will perform an analysis based on a technical data sheet that we provide to all our clients.
Exhaust Scrubber Systems are best used for an existing fleet or vessels. Many owners are considering LNG Power for new build projects, however, depending on their projections, Scrubbers may also still be a viable option for new builds.
Current analysis indicates that LNG Conversion for existing vessels is not a financially viable option for owners. Many studies have been done, none have shown the benefits of LNG Conversion.
IMO has shown that it is strictly adhering to its deadline of January 2020 for the implementation of the Emissions cap. Scrubber production and delivery lead time is increasing from 6-10 months to 12-14 months for certain makers. As the deadline grows closer, owners should expect these lead times to get longer.
Our Service Network extends to: Rotterdam, Istanbul, Dubai, Singapore, Shanghai, Japan, North & South America
Emission Control Areas are areas of seas that enforce stricter controls to minimize airborne pollution from ships. There are currently 4 ECAs in effect, the Baltic Sea, the North Sea, North American ECA, and the US Caribbean ECA. More areas will be considered for ECA in the near future. ECAs with Nitrogen Oxide controls are considered (NECAs)

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